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# relabsd
Turns your input devices into joysticks by converting relative axes into absolute ones.
+ Additionally, some options let you create a modified copy of your relative device.
## Use cases
* Use a relative input device as a joystick.
* Bypass an issue causing your device to report its axis are relative when they are absolutes (see [the wiki page on 3DConnexion devices](https://github.com/nsensfel/relabsd/wiki/3Dconnexion-devices) for example), this can be required by some librairies (such as Simple DirectMedial Layer - SDL) for your device to be recognized.
+* Change what controls which axis (still has to be on the same input device).
+* Invert an axis.
## Dependencies
* CMake (>= 3.0)
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# Troubleshooting
## I can't find my (real) input device.
-Your input device should be listed in /dev/input.
+Your input device should be listed in /dev/input. You can use commands such as `relabsd -? /dev/input/event8` to obtain information on the devices found there.
If you are using a 3DConnexion device and not finding it in /dev/input, read [this wiki page](https://github.com/nsensfel/relabsd/wiki/3DConnexion-devices).